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What is this white blob inside my shrimp?

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My shrimp has had this for about 3 weeks. He seems happy as he is energetic and eating fine but it does seem like it’s getting bigger. I thought it was a worm so I just finished a round of API general cure but I saw no improvement. My other shrimp are healthy and one is berried so I don’t want whatever it is to get them too. Is there anything else I can do for him?


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I can't really see anything other that what is maybe a small amount of eggs. But this does look like a male amano. I have heard that planaria and worms can get inside of them... this would be my next best guess. But again, I can't really see anything from these photos very well.

If you are THAT worried, remove it. But, if it is a planaria type detritus worm, them getting inside is not common and though it will likely take this one, doesn't mean it will get the others. If it's a disease or bacteria, the others have already been exposed and removing this one may be pointless.

Lastly, this again looks to be an Amano shrimp. Two things about them:
1. the offspring will not survive in freshwater, and in general breeding them in captivity is a true talent. So good luck if that's the way you're gonna go.
2. Amano can and will eat shrimplets of Neocardinia. So if the other shrimp is not an amano, I suggest moving this amano regardless.
I went ahead and moved my two amanos because the berried shrimp is a rili. Thank you! I didn’t know they would eat the babies!
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