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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum, but have had my planted 10 gallon for nearly 5 years. It is well established, and my parameters are all solid. Ph is just over 7 (I always do both tests for Ph (7.6) and High Range Ph (7.4) so I'm averaging this out) Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5, GH is 9, KH is 5, PO is 0 - I have some algae in the tank so the 0 reading must be more than that, but not enough to register anything on the color scale? I did an Iron test today and it appears to be around 0.15.

I've had a variety of plants throughout the years in it, and algae, but I haven't ever come across this before (and if I have at least I don't remember seeing it before). I do have 3 new plants from a plant store I have gotten plants from before - put them in the tank 5 days ago.

It seems to be sticking to the walls of the aquarium by a stalk and has feeler like tentacles coming out of it. I was initially worried about hydra, but since these are really small, and fairly uniformly on the tank walls, I am not sure exactly what I'm looking at. Not concerned about the nerite snail eggs... just the stuff on the glass. The picture with my finger is more for scale purposes since the first picture was zoomed in quite a bit.

Any help or knowledge on this is super appreciated. :)

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The spots on the glass at first made these all look like Hydra. Upon zooming in, some are tiny detritus worms and some are small Hydra.

Did you dip or clean your plants before adding them to the tank? If not, that's how they arrived.

Should be easy to spot treat or remove manually. I like to use a piece of airline tubing and long tweezers or a chopstick. Scrape them off and suck them up with a siphon via airline tubing. Some newcomer websites, like Aquarium Co-Op, will tell you not to attempt manual removal because they'll break apart but that's just misinformation. Using airline tubing with a siphon makes that problem almost non-existent.

Some fish and snails will eat them but removal is easy enough. And unlike a lot of the panic posts you'll read about Hydra, they don't pose a major threat even in tanks with shrimp. An occasional baby could get stung but it's far less likely than the folklore suggests.

They'll also likely die off on their own when they no longer have an abundant food supply. So make sure you're not overfeeding.
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