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What is this on my ram?

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does it look like a big pimple??
Yup, I just did a 50% water change. I have not introduced anything new to the tank for several months.

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I sometimes get these on my bigger cichlids and discus. eventually it will pop like a real pimple and will go away, when it pops is when you need to watch for infection. sorry to say this but its a sign of poor water conditions. IF in fact this is what it is. its hard to tell from the picture but if its just a pimple and they normally happen around the fins or on the body near the edge they just come and go no need to medicate, maybe do a couple big water changes back to back
I recently moved the tank off r/o, I did it slowly over a few months. No mulm, I have two filters running on it. Feed lightly daily. Im going to do 25% wc for the next few days.

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Quite a few things it could be, most disease or parasite-related.

Cancer, lymphocystis, infections from wounds, and various external parasites can all cause cysts like that.

Personally, I would quarantine the fish in order to keep a better eye on it, see if you can identify a possible treatment, and possibly help prevent spread through the rest of your tank in case it's something contagious.
I just lost a gold ram to that stuff. It had been coming and going for about a month or 2. It never looked bad so I just thought it was going through a phase, but it got worse and upgraded to popeye so I put it in QT. I ran the temp at about 86 degrees and dosed tetracycline.

It didn't work so you can rule that out as an option?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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