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what is this crap coming out of my nerite??

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Hello all -

I have seen this three times - a sort of dusty debris apparently coming from my nerite snail. Very odd! I tried to get it on video but it was too far into the tank and I couldn't get a decent shot. It's like the nerite is spitting out little bits of brownish stuff, lots of it.

What could this be??

thanks, Dave
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I can't believe a snail could crap that much :)
I mean, it came out steadily for about 2 or 3 minutes each time!
Yea, I think it is crap... literally. I have a whole tank of pest snails, and guess what the substrate it? Snail poo. Ok, so I got around to cleaning it yesterday and found a bunch of those nasty detritus worms I have in my 10g. Gross.
I can't believe a snail could crap that much :)
Yeah, I say that about kids all the time. :hihi:
but seriously, so much comes out that it just can't be! can it?
Don't worry, I would be lying if I said I can't speak from experience.
Snails are constantly grazing, and in turn, are CONSTANTLY POOPING.

They have a large bioload because of it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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