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What is this, and how do I get rid of it?

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This algae somehow magically transported itself from a different tank that I pretty much gave up on, because of this type of algae. I figure I might have a chance to fight back here, since this is a younger tank. Substrate is soil/gravel/O+, with relatively high lighting, and no co2. I can see the immediate problem, but this doesn't seem to be an algae that is overly affected by that. I've still got a healthy crop in the original tank that has minimal nutrients, low/very low lighting, and no co2.
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It could be a couple different ones. If its slimy, it's most likely Rhizoclonium. This is caused by low CO2 and nutrients along with the higher lighting.

It could also be Spirogyra or Hair algae. Both are caused by a possible increase in ammonia, Low CO2 and light.

The best thing to do is to do the opposite of what's causing it. Decrease light, increase CO2, increase nutrients (to an extent) and keep up with tank maintanince (water changes, gravel vac). Also the easiest way to help get rid of it is to take a toothbrush and basically wind the algae up in it.
The algae had a coarse feel to it, and was just slightly stiff. This is the tank after as much manual removal as I could do. It always seems like as much as I remove the stuff, as much as I treat for it (I've done Excel dosing on the other tank before) it comes back. Not the fastest growing, just unstoppable.
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Also the easiest way to help get rid of it is to take a toothbrush and basically wind the algae up in it.
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Is there any living organisms in there? If not try tripling the dose of excel for 3-4 days remove as much dead as possible. Then do a 75% water change

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Have you tried the "one-two punch" whole tank algae treatment? H202 and excel. You probably moved it from one tank to another by swapping plants from tank to tank, or using the same cleaning equipment ect. on different tanks.
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