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What is this algae and how do I get rid of it!

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Hi there,

I'm pretty new to all this and have just planted up and cycled my first 180l planted tank. All was going well for the first couple of weeks but I now have this algae coating my plants and my carpet. How do I get rid of it. Its very slimy and easily disintergrates when rubbed between my fingers.

Not sure if its diatoms or a hair algae - please help!

Nitrates are about 20
Nitrites - 0
Ammonia - 0
Phosphate - 0.5

C02 injected and drop checker is green so assume 30ppm ish
Dosing with EI ferts at half doses.

Heres a photo after 4 days growth (I was away over the weekend). Help me get rid of this stuff please!!!




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If it simply rubs off it is probably diatom. It is always present but not in such amounts.
Good waterflow i.e. no dead spots, no excess light and shortage of CO2 and other nutrients.
Adress one thing at a time, and don't go cold turkey on feeding. Malnourished plants are injured plants and ammonia is in highest concentration near sites of injury.
I have a theory that starting plants off on high light before their roots have healed from the transplant and their leaves adapted to the light they receive is an open invitation to algae.
Algae is not bad by existence, and fulfills a purpose in nature. Diatom is normally short lived and stained leaves could be cleaned up by pond snails. I find my tanks at their healthiest also have the highest amount of snails.

That tank is going to look super when it settles down. The layout draws the eye very strongly.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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