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What is the Name of this plant?

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I always wonder what plant this is I bought it off a pet store without know its kind. In the beginning when I have this plant in my tank these plants didn't grow well and die off. Now they grow very well green and some reddish brown. Thanks. I am currently running co2 for 8 hours a day along with the light and the water temp is 76 Fahrenheit. Thanks.
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Some kind of Ludwigia. Super red maybe? I have the same plant but don't know exactly what it is.

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If you dose fertilisers and let them get a bit more light they may turn an even nicer red :) Agree that it some sort of Ludwigia species. Really need to up my ID game though, really bad with subtle differences bewteen species in the same genera.

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That's Ludwigia repens x L. arcuata
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