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What is the largest ADA tank for 26-watts?

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I am considering upgrading my 3 gallon (eclipse) to a nice ADA tank. Currently running a 26 watt Catalina fixture, pressurized CO2, and a small AQ HOB. Growing HC, Pellia, Hottonia, etc in EcoComplete.

Without upgrading my lighting - what is the largest ADA Cube Garden I could get away with? I would love a 30cm Cube - but I think 7-gallons might be too much water for my light. Perhaps the Mini M (about 5 gallons) is the largest I could hope to do?
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Anyone out there with a 30cm ADA Cube? What kind of light are you running on it? I know they sell the Mini S/M with the same 27-watt light so I think I would be fine with the Mini M - just wondering if I could stretch this light to the larger tank....
Following the watts per gallon rule, you'd have over 3wpg and be able to grow anything you want with proper CO2 and ferts. There is the Minimum Light Threshold to consider, but I think you could still have a decent tank with 26w over 7gl, and you can always upgrade your lighting in the future.
I have the Mini-M which is a little over 5g. along with the ADA Mini-solar and think it sucks....the light is a 27w fixture with an awesome reflector but it's not enough for my liking.

I think you should either go with more lighting or stick to the Mini-S. I plan to upgrade my lighting to 27w+ 2x9w to help things grow but if that doesn't work I'm going with a 70w Metal Halide.

Oh, the wpg rule thing is worthless on small tanks and barely good enough for big tanks. I have 18w coralife over my 2.5g and the thing barely keeps plants alive.
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