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What is the best way to lower PH?

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I have a 24g aquapod and this will be set up as a planted tank with cardinal tetras among other fish. My PH is 7.4. What is the best way to lower it?

Should I use a water softener pillow or peat in the filter?
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i am not sure of the best way, but i can warn you to steer clear of the over the counter ph buffering remedies as many of them are loaded w/ phosphates one inparticular is PH DOWN this product caused a massive algea outbreak in my tank due to it's high phosphate content. If you are not using co2 this would keep your ph higher. the more co2 the lower the ph
A little peat in your filter/back chamber will do the trick.
Great, I will give peat a try. I am also going to add a low tech co2 system, probably the hagen.
you will be find at 7.4 mine is 7.8 kept "softwater fish" for years...bred angels, kept discus, and kept neons/cardinals.
If you are in NYC, try measuring again after the water has sat for a while. I hear the city has pretty soft water. RO filter would work also.
And why would you think you need to lower the pH? Chances are they have been doing quite well in tap water at the LFS.
As said above, your pH is fine, there is no need to lower it. Also adding CO2 will lower further since your water is so soft.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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