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I would like to know what is the best light spectrum for fresh water plants. I have a 65 gallon goldfish tank, approximately 36" long X 24" wide X 32" deep. There is no co2 system presently.
I have two different lights running 12 hours a day. I am running a 17w T8 floromax bulb. I just added mirrors as a reflector to get as much light as possible out of it. I believe this light is 6500K which seems ideal for plants. It is a pinkish color and not very bright. The original light bulb was the 17w T8 with a full spectrum bulb that ran at 8000K. This light was white and bright enough to illuminate the entire tank. This light is on a timer from 8am-8pm.
The second light is a Orbit Marine Plus which runs from 7am with 30 minute ramp up to 830 pm with 30 minute ramp down and two hours of moonlight in the evening at 10% blue. From 730am - 830pm the white lights are set at 55% and the blue are set at 85%. I believe this light runs a 8000K and 10,000K. The 8000K seems to be good for the plants as well since the original T8 bulb ran at 8000K.
At present time I have two bamboo plants which are showing signs of new roots, approximately 8 moss balls which seem to be healthy and one fern. I would like to change all my fake plants over to real plants in time. The fish have not destroyed any of the plants to date. Also, does anyone have advice on a better T8 bulb?
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