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What is the best bottom scavenging fish?

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I am planning to introduce some bottom feeding fish in my 29 gallons planted community tank with Tiger Barbs and Glowlight Tetras. The fish should meet the following requirements:
1. Peaceful with other fish I have.
2. Not too big, about 1-3 inches long.
3. Not damaging to live plants.
4. Eat whatever other fish missed, algae and snails, which I squash as soon as I find them.
3. Fit tempreature range from 22 to 27 degrees C.

I guess it should be one of loaches or catfish species, never had any of them. I am open for suggestions. Thank you in advance.
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Cories are good, I would also recommend a bristlenose pleco, maybe an albino one?
Cory cats
I second this, however I would specifically recommend any of the dwarf corys. Corydoras pygmaeus, Corydoras habrosus, Corydoras hastatus, etc.
Cory cats! Idk if green or emerald cory are "dwarf" but mine are 1-2.5in and gentle little monkeys. =D
+1 dwarf cories and some otos for algae
South American bumblebee catfish if you want something a little "less common"
think everyone here loves cories including me lol
Mainly Cories or Kuhli here as they don't eat angel fry
I thank you all for replies. I will go for cories.
I love my khuli loaches. They are pretty interesting to watch and peaceful, but active. Why squash the snails, though?
Hi ufimych,

Good choice going with Corys; I like Corydoras sterbai for their color but probably the hardest working cory I have kept is C. aeneus.

Corydoras sterbai
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i kinda dig oto's. i'd digg'em more if i could see more of them than their bellies. i have 4 but for some reason they like to stay on the front glass. Not the back glass where there is more to feed on. oh no they stay on the front glass that i work so diligently to keep crystal clear. Cory's for the floors and oto's for the windows i guess. I have found out the hard way that Cory's are the first to show signs of stress if your CO2 levels get to high. also not a fish but shrimp are a lot more interesting to watch then i had thought. try a half dozen of the ghost variety. they don't do much if anything for hair algae but they stay busy scavenging. I bought mine to check out shrimp on an impulse. 36 cents each at my LFS so i said bagg'em up.
Dojos and Kuhlis will take care of anything that reaches the bottom. Plus, they swim and root around, which churns up and breaks down food and fish waste into tiny bits that your plants then absorb. And they're awesome to watch!
Kuhli loaches are awesome, cute and quirky. Love those little guys.

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Cory cats, kuhli loaches, dojo loaches, oto cats, Chinese/Golden algae eater, bumblebee cats, and Raphael cats are all good and common choices. Make sure to get a school of Cory cats since they do better in schools of 3+. Dwarf or not doesn't matter. I had some freakishly large albino and sterbai Cory cats. They were about 3.5"

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Not really a fish but I really love the Amano Shrimp! They are goofy and live all over the tank. Mine seem to scavenger around the bottom floor at night looking for food. :)
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