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What is it regulator question.

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I've come into a tank reg and solenoid that was used for fish but seems to be designed and sold for welding. The gauges read in BAR rather than PSI but I can deal with that. I'm wondering if anybody who does this more than I, has ideas of what I have.

Labeling indicates it is an "OXYTURBO Italy MINI" . I've tried it for a bit and it SEEMS okay. The needle valve on the left seems to adjust well enough for me to get the count I want but I have some other questions about how it might hold up and if these are normally sold for tank use. I did some searching and found mostly mention of it in other countries for use as small welding equipment. Any thoughts on that part?

I also find I'm leaking at the tank connection and there is no gasket or washer there but it brings another question when I look it over.

This is the connection to the CO2 tank with the nut slid back to show the fitting.
Does this roughness look like something to give trouble even if I had the proper washer? I'm guessing the right washer should just be between this and the tank?
This came with a solenoid which is labeled JBS which also has some questions but that is another thought.
I'm debating the use of this or just chucking this reg and looking for another. Any advise?
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My advice is to just buy an actual co2 reg. while this may suffice for now, you will have more headaches down the line. I know through personal experience with the exact same reg.
I finally just chucked the whole thing in the garbage and bought a paintball setup. Yea I have to fill it more often but it seems to work just fine in its stead. Those regs are used for either o2 or acetylene. And from the looks of that connection, it was not o2.
I've gotten much of my money out of the deal at this point and had never really meant to go big on plants so that may drive my decision. I bought the tank,stand, light, filter and CO2 equipment for $200 and at this point I have sold the tank,stand and filter for $240, so I don't feel too bad if I back away. I've gotten some use and experience out of the reg and that is never a bad thing but the question comes up as to how much more "experience" I want. Some of this strikes me as just plain work that I don't need.
Well the way I have been looking at it is this: Once it's pretty self sufficient minus the water changes and ferts for the plants, injecting co2 only boosts the growth that much more. It's always good to go with what you feel is the neccesary amount of work you actually WANT to put into it. I started out with just a ten gallon with one cichlid in it. Now I'm up to a 75 gallon and it's finally starting to get how I want it. Granted I've had to put waaaay too much time and effort into it. But once it's there I can finally just stop and admire the effing thing. Lol
elrodg, what painball regulator do you have? that would be best for my situation since im limited on space.
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I don't know. I bought it off someone on here for like 25 bucks
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