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What is a nice looking smaller red plant?

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I would like to find, if possible, a nice red plant that isn't too hard to care for. I have some supposedly red crypts, but they just look brown to me. This red plant will be for my 10 gallon tank, so nothing too big. The only plants I have for it at the moment are flame moss and some marimo balls. I'll be adding more green plants when ever I find some I like.

Any suggestions on what to look for in red plants?
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Two of my personal favs are Murdannia sp 'Red' and Ludwigia Senegalensis. You would of course have to keep them trimmed to stay smallish in the 10g but very well managable.
a bush of rotola colorata would look nice.
Good question. Rotala Macandra v. narrow leaf could work. You could also try lobelia, even though it's more purple than red.
Thank you for the suggestions!

Google image search, here I come. ;)
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