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What happens if you STOP dosing Excel in a CO2 tank

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Might seem a strange question, but I am curious if any folk, who use pressurized CO2 with Excel - then have stopped using Excel and observed any consequence.

I have pressurized CO2 in a 90gal tank, with drop checker light green to yellow green by late afternoon. I have fallen prey to routinely overdosing Excel as a prophylactic, a practice I began when the tank was first set up. Of course I shouldn't be using it much anyway unless with specific purpose, but I am a nimrod with insufficient confidence.

What I'm wondering is if regular/heavy Excel dosing in CO2 enriched tanks can mask problems, that do not become known until the Excel dosing stops.

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Shouldn't be a big deal. I'm using excel to kill off BBA now. Once that's gone, I'll stop using it and turn on my UV sterilizer.
+1. Stopping the Excel shouldn't have much of an effect at all.
Does dosing excel in a tank that uses pressurized co2 even benefit the plants further?

Like... Why bother dosing excel on a regular basis If you already have the best (pressurized co2)
Excel has been known to assist in algae control...and if you're heavily planted and light on CO2, the excel can supplement...
Most people using excel in CO2 injected tanks are just using it to kill algae. Sometimes after I'm away for 4 or 5 days or more, the water level in my tank will drop enough to cause lots of splashing, and all my CO2 will offgas. This usually means that I see BBA starting to grow when I get back, so I just spot dose and refill the tank. The excel kills it very quickly, and once CO2 levels stabilize, it doesn't come back.

I don't think many people dose it daily when they are running CO2 unless it's a DIY set up maybe.
Exactly... I thought people who use pressurized only dose it when there is a problem, not daily.

But maybe if your setup has super high light, eve with co2 excel might be worth dosing daily at the recommended amount to keep algae at bay.
excel only kills the hairy algae btw... except cladophoria.
EVERYTHING WILL DIE!!!!!! j/k shouldnt make much difference man you will be good
Does Excel decimate beneficial denitrifying bacteria?
Maybe if you were to use it in high dosages, yes.
It doesn't seem to harm bacteria at practical doses. It will kill any algae I've seen so far when applied directly to it. I never got much algae death with blanket dosing though. The exception is BBA. It seems to be particularly susceptible to excel. Spot dosing harms leaves on certain plants from my experience also.
I use excel (glutaraldehyde) in my CO2 injected tank.
My tank has 30ppm+ of CO2, but when I stop dosing glutaraldehyde, the BBA starts to set-in, especially with the level of light I am using (2 x54 watts of Tek/Geisemann T5HO).

I dose Glutaraldehyde as a preventative for BBA.

It works and doesn't cause any of my shrimp (RCS and Amanos), Nerites, or fish any problems.

I dose the water change day dose of (5ml per 10 gallons) on water change days and 200% of the regular dose (5 ml per 25 gallons--10 ml) per day every day.

I've contacted seachem about their product, Excel, and they said at their suggested dosage, there are no known ill effects to livestock, plants, or beneficial bacteria.

I've often debated the long term affects of glutaraldehyde usage. It doesn't seem to cause problems at the dosage we are using.

If you have high grade CRS or other rare inbred shrimp, then you might want to think twice. lol
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Excel will kill everything in a tank if dosed in a high enough concentration.

A few years ago when I had RCS in my mini-m I dosed a huge amount of Excel in the tank to kill any shrimp that I didnt find because I was going to put snowballs in there and didnt want any mixing. I had mosses, anubis a few other things too. After about 4-5 days from the initial dose my plants all started melting (even the anubis) and the tank started to go through a cycle (see: dead beneficial bacteria).

But to the point. You shouldnt see a huge difference. Maybe a bit more BBA.
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