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What group of fish would be better?

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Which is best?
To have one small school of green neon tetras (and shrimp)
To have a few small different kinds of fish to show how much fun more than 1 kind can be! Like CPD and microrasboras and ember tetras (and shrimp)? (and maybe any green neons also?

BTW, do ember tetras school?

I just don't want to be bored :).
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All the fishes you listed like to be in schools. A whole bunch of individual species hiding behind plants all day would get old quickly. If I were you I'd go with only 1 species for your Finnex. You can definitely get a decent sized school of any of the species you listed. For instance, if you go with microrasboras (which max out at only about 1/2"), you can get away with having as many as 10-12 in that tank.

As with all tetras, embers do school.
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