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What grade are my shrimp

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Just wondering what grade some of my shrimp are.

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Thanks for that, should I remove some of the lower grade females into another thank to promote more high grade breeding?
If you want to cull, then yes. Keep your best males and females (doesn't help if you have high grade males that appear low grade...) and move the rest to another tank. Once the others have been moved, keep an eye on them, as they might still throw some nice shrimp! :)
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My Tank with all of them is a tiny 2 Gallon Pico Aquarium however I am currently cycling a 5 Gallon for them as once I have a good colony I can sell the ones I don't want to my LFS. I also have a 10 Gallon tank with just Tetras and Rasboras so I will also put some in there but I highly doubt any shrimplets will survive in there. Do I need to drip aclimate them between my tanks (they all use the same tape water and lots of driftwood) or can I just float them for tempature differences?
That depends on the parameters of the other tanks. If everything is the same, or close to same, down to GH, KH and TDS, you don't need to acclimate them. If those things are different, then you should.

Just because they use the same water doesn't necessarily mean that the parameters will be the same. Inhabitants, driftwood, decorations and substrate may all potentially change the parameters.

If the colony is big enough and/or you have plenty of hiding places in your fish tank, then a colony can surely survive, if not thrive, in there.

As an alternative to culling the less desirable shrimp, you could cull the desirable ones out! Give them a tank of their own. Depending on how many shrimp are in the colony and their different grades, this may be easier than only removing the less desirable ones!

I've just done some "musical tanks" myself with shrimp. I had shrimp in a 30g and 20g. The ones in the 20g for some reason were not thriving, so I finally moved them into a temporary tank. Due to all the changes I had done, I ended up with more shrimp in the temp tank than I had when they were in the 20g. (berried females hatched their eggs. Side Note: I hate moving baby shrimp around!) Once the 20g was re-cycled, I decided to move shrimp back into it... but I only chose the best shrimp out of the temp tank. I then got as many of the best shrimp I could get out of the 30g (I only have one that is as good as the first all red female you posted with the "white" stripe - although my female has a larger stripe) and acclimated them to the 20g. What was left over in the temp tank I then acclimated to the 30g.

I didn't acclimate between the 20g and temp tank, since I tried to keep the parameters pretty close to same, although between either one of them and the 30, well, they're different. I actually am in the process of trying to get the 30g in line with the 20g in parameters. Just don't want to make too many changes too fast.
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Great advise in such a small tank I think I'm going to have a lot of trouble culling shrimp. It's a very heavily planted pico tank.
I think a lot of my females are nice high grade so But I find that all my berried females stay in this back corner in the shade of the driftwood no idea y I don't have any deaths except the occasional one but only had two since I set the tank up a few months ago.

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