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Due to my livestock, I need to aim for hard water, but I'm not sure what GH to aim for. My tank houses endlers, pseudomugil luminatus, two nerite snails and neocaridina shrimp. I'm also considering adding a betta. I thought I had researched and calculated a hardness good for all species involved but lately when I went to double-check, I'm finding things aren't so compatible. If these numbers aren't correct, can someone let me know?

Endlers: 15 – 30°H
Pseudomugil luminatus: 9 – 12°H
Neocaridina shrimp: 6 – 8°H
Nerite snail: 6 – 12°H
Betta splendens: 1 – 15°H
Betta imbellis: 1 – 10°H

The reason both splendens and imbellis is listed is I'm considering buying a copper imbellis hybrid and I'm not sure what parameters it would take after, an imbellis or a splendens.

Would it be disastrous or risk any livestock if I aimed for 12 dGH?
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