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What floating plant do I need

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I am a new to planted tanks and need some help selecting a type of floating plant.

I have a 29 gallon (high) with 2 HOB filters. I have planted the tank with low light plants (anubias, crypts, java fern and some java moss). I currently have a finnex fugeray planted+ in the mail to replace my single T8.

My fertilization is as follows:
# daily metricide 14 that I am building up slowly due to my small fish (I have heard habrosus corydoras can be sensitive). Currently at 0.75 mls/10 gallons
# weekly flourish comprehensive for trace/micro elements
# daily dry ferts (ordered from GLA). I only dose potassium/phosphate mix as the nitrates in my tank seem to be sufficient. CSM-B will be dosed once my flourish bottle runs out

I plan to remove the top of the tank in a few days when my LEDs come in and is mounted.

I am wanting some floating plants for the following reasons/goals:
1) provide security to my chili rasboras
2) fill in some of the "dead space" in the upper 1/3 of my aquarium as the aquascaping sort of stops 1/2 way up the tank. I figure some floaters with some dangling roots could add some visual interest
3) help control algae

Also, I presume it is important that the plants not be of such density that they completely shade my plants below. With the type of plants I have, the planted+ should be plenty of light, but I don't want to block it out too much.

So, with these goals in mind, I was hoping some of you experts could name a few floaters that would work.
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I also like frogbit. It grows pretty well for me, and it's fairly easy to control by periodically removing a few plants.

About the only real drawback I've noticed is sometimes if it's disturbed, it seems to shed it's roots. then I've got gross little rotting strings all over everything.

Now, whenever I do something I think is likely to trigger this, I just manually remove the roots and drop it in, they grow new ones easily enough.

My clown killies seem to like swimming around in the roots and stuff, so there's also that.

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I agree with frogbit and salvinia minima. No duckweed, whatever you do. You'll be picking that stuff out for the rest of your life. I've managed to keep it culled in my tanks but it requires a lot of effort on my part.

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How about a tiger lotus or banana plant? In a lower light set up they will send floating leaves, easy to manage, provide some shade, and height. Also, some val will do well and provide the height you are looking for
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