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what fish to brighten up the tank

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long time lurker first post, hope it goes well, hahaha

Please help me with adding colorfull fish to the tank in order to keep my fiancee intrested and not bored of the tank

I have a 30 gal tank set up for 4 yrs, its has been a lowbudget tank and slow plant growth but i enjoy it so much. Kinda green to the whole world of aquariums but i am slowly learning as I go.

So far my tank has been doing well and all my fish are happy,and the plants are doing better and starting to grow quicker since the c02 system.
I am in the process of gathering parts to build a 75+gal to give the loaches more space as I didnt think they would out grow this tank so quick. In order to keep the future wife intreseted in the bigger tank this one needs more color

Pictures to come when I figure this site out

Specs as it sits
17watt t8 tinfoil reflector( i said budget) 3 inches from surface
DIY yeast c02 system (3 months old)
Pump filter for a 50 gal
black sand substraight
root tabs

my levels are
ph 7.6
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 10
temp this summer 74'

3 giant vals
4 corkscrew vals (recently added)
bacopa australius from day one
lots of java fern
1 anubus? that loves to shoot new leaves
6 crypt wedtii

6 danios 3 yrs ago started at 13
2 weather loaches around 6-7 inches from day one
6 otto's in the last 3 weeks

thanks for the help in advance
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Wow. All that tank needs is more light and you'd have a jungle. Glad to know it's worked well so far.

...any pictures?
Sawbwa resplendens would make a nice addition and suit your pH and temps. The males are very colourful and active, and constantly spar with each other. Try and make sure you get a decent number of females as well, even if they aren't as colourful.
If you can lower the pH, rummynose and cardinals are some of the brightest fish I've ever seen.
Get rid of the girlfriend, and get a school some golden tetras:biggrin:
Furcata rainbows would be an excellent choice.
Bolivian rams. They fight a lot but it's totally harmless and that's one of the reasons they're fun to keep.
Rummys or CoralRed pencilfish
I'm a fan of furcata rainbows. They are colorful and VERY active. Gertrude rainbows as well, the Aru II's. those are nice.
You can also consider getting some redder plants to change things up.
I really love the turquoise rainbows and bosemani rainbows. They are so colorful and they come to the front of the tank to greet me every time I come home.

I would also suggest the german blue ram, they are so pretty. Cichlid behavior is also incredibly fun to watch.

I am not sure about your parameters and this fish ... but the paradise fish are really, really pretty.

Happy Wife, Happy Life. That's what my husband always says ;)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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