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I have a 50g tank up and running smoothly for 7 months now. I am contemplating adding some more fishs. I was hoping to add a larger showpiece (3-4inch) fish but ran into a wall. Most of my choices will either be too aggressive or do better in groups. I had a Pearl Gourami but had to remove him due to aggressiveness (believe or not!).

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Tank (LxDxH): 36 x 18 x 18 inch (50.5gUS)
Filters: Eheim 2075

Selected species:

3 x Apistogramma borellii (Apistogramma borellii)
2 x Amano Shrimp (Cardina multidentata)
6 x Malaysian Trumpet Snail (Melanoides tuberculata)
10 x Featherfin Rainbowfish (Iriatherina werneri)
6 x Oto (Otocinclus vittatus)
12 x Spotted Blue Eye (Pseudomugil gertrudae)
10 x Diamond Tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri)


Recommended temperature range: 75.2 - 80.6 F. [Display in Celsius]
Recommended pH range: 7 - 7.5.
Recommended hardness range: 10 - 12 dH.

ou have plenty of aquarium filtration capacity.

Your aquarium filtration capacity for above selected species is 389%.Help on Filtration capacity
Recommended water change schedule: 27% per week.
Your aquarium stocking level is 81%

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I would go with only one of the rainbows you have listed and change the other one out for some praecox rainbows to add size and body type variety. They are also the best schooling fish that I have ever had.

What seems to be missing from your sock list is bottom dwellers. A school of loaches or cories would be a good addition.

Just my $.02

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FEAR NOT! I have come to save you. I have compiled a list of fish that are scientifically proven to work great together and all be within the same temperature.

Here are the fish you should consider getting:

List of Fish I have in my 75 gallon tank that seem to do ok together:

Pearl Gourami 75-86
Platty 64-77
Zebra Danio 64-75
Pearl Danio 73-79
Long fin Zebra Danio 64-75
Long fin lepord zebra danio 64-75
Black Ruby Barb 72-79
vail tail Red cherry Barb 74-79° F
Red Cherry Barb 74-79
Golden Killifish 72-75
Guppy Cobra male 64-82
Penguin Tetra 64-82
Neon Tetra 68-78
Black Neon Tetra 72-77
Bristlenose Plecostomus 70-80
Pristella Tetra 64-82
Hacket Fish 73-81
Blood Fin Tetra 72-80
Red Minor Tetra 72-82
Harlequin Rasbor 72-77
Orange Ron Rio flame Tetra 75-82
White finned Rosy tetra 75-82
Flyingfox Siamese Algae Eater 75-79
Glass / Ghost Catfish. (might be kind of fragile, be careful)

In addition, I would like to advise you to stay away form the following fish:
Buenos Aires (eats plants too, will kill) DO NOT GET!!
Black Skirt ( has killed cherry barb) DO NOT GET!!
Blue tetras DO NOT GET!!
Colombian tetra DO NOT GET!!
Tiger Barbs(bad fin nippers) DO NOT GET!!
Dawn Tetra DO NOT GET!!
Red-eyed Tetra /Lamp Eye Tetra DO NOT GET!!
Serpae (The jury is still out on this fish) DO NOT GET!!
vampire tetras, payara, Hydrolycus scomberoides ( The Devil of Tetra himself) DO NOT GET!! DO NOT GET!! DO NOT GET!! DO NOT GET!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Do not add 3"-4" fish to a tank with 1" fish. The larger fish may eat the little ones. You might try a Honey Gourami, or some small Loaches (perhaps Kuhlie Loaches). Yes, Kuhlies are long, but the have small mouths. They might still eat the shrimp, though. Maybe Dwarf or Pygmy Cories would be good bottom fish.

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Thanks for the responses. I'm thinking of getting these:

1x Honey Gourami
4x Featherfin Rainbowfish
4x Oto cats
3x Amano Shrimps

I'll get up to 98% stock level according to AqAdvisor.
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