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I have 8 peppered cories and anywhere between 6 and 10 otocinclus cats. Impossible to count in my tank .

30" long, 12"wide, 18"tall.

Heavily planted,

Inert sand with root tabs, liquid fertilizer and liquid carbon.

Medium to high lighting...
1x 30" aquatic life marquis, two bulb t5ho
1x 30" elive LED modular track light fully stocked with pods.

2x aquaclear 50's with pre filters(plan to take one out when my plants settle down and stop shedding plant matter and detritus)

77 degrees F
Ph 7.4-8.0 (tough to read)
Very soft water, yet stable ph. (Wierd I know)

Most recent picture but plants are coming in much more now and I plan to add more plants.

I'd like red wag swordtails or platies but unsure my water parameters are ideal
I definitely want a red fish... Maybe even Cardinal tetras.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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