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What filter media to use for new planted tank

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I am in the process of starting a new planted tank. I am currently working on my hardscape and getting my canister filter, CO2, etc. set up. The canister filter came with ceramic rings, bio balls and bags of activated carbon to put in the different trays. Some things I have ready say to not include the carbon in a planted tank, while others say they should be used. For a new tank setup, would you recommend using the carbon or not?
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Most on here will say not to use carbon. Most will recommend Purigen and so will I.

What brand canister filter is it you are setting up? If it were me I would pick up some Seachem Matrix or Eheim Subtrato pro for biological. Leave room for a bag of Seachem Purigen. Use the rest of the baskets for mechanical filtration. The ceramic rings are fine if they are a good quality. Some of the ceramic rings I have ran across are not very porous.

Is this buy chance a Sun Sun?.
The filter is a MarineLand 220. I also have filter media from the HOB filter I had in the tank previously, until 2 days ago when I cleaned it out. I've kept it wet in some of the old tank water, so the beneficial bacteria should still be alive...would it work to add that to the canister instead of the Seachim or Ehim products you mentioned?
Ditch the bio balls for sure. They are a pain in the ass to deal with every time you open the filter and don't really do all the much. I would probably replace them with some sort of foam/filter floss.

If you want chemical filtration, ditch the carbon and pick up some purigen. I use the stuff in all of my tanks and can't think of a single negative thing to say about it.
My vote goes to matrix for bio and purigen. Purigen is a miracle aquarium product. I wouldn't dream of setting up a tank without it
all you honestly need is filter floss and the bio ring. You can use purigen if you want but it definitely is not required. I only keep it around just in case of emergencies.
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