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What equpement should i get?

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My mom gave me permission to upgrade my current 35 gallon tank and get something bigger.. I was thinking about maybe a 75 gallon tank. Anyhow, What filter should i get for it? Any other equipment i need? other than heater and filter? Please show links if you have a tank to suggest. Not sure as to what my budget is. Thanks!
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I think you can use whatever substrate you want as none of your plants (mosses, ferns, etc) will be rooting in the substrate.

As mentioned, two canister filters is a good idea for something this size. I have a 105g gallon that I'm running a Marineland C-360 and an Eheim 2217, which is slightly overkill but when one of my filters began leaking earlier this year, it was much less of an emergency to get the replacement as it would have been had it been the only filter.
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