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What equpement should i get?

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My mom gave me permission to upgrade my current 35 gallon tank and get something bigger.. I was thinking about maybe a 75 gallon tank. Anyhow, What filter should i get for it? Any other equipment i need? other than heater and filter? Please show links if you have a tank to suggest. Not sure as to what my budget is. Thanks!
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Nice.. i was thinking of getting two smaller filters that are for 40-50 gallon tanks rather than getting those huge external filters that require drilling and stuff. Is that what you meant by two filters? Seems cheapest and easiest to me.. just buy like two aquen or marine filters or something that cost like 40-50$ each or whatever lol..
I think you may be confused. Cannister filters don't require drilling. There is an intake pipe and outlet pipe going from the filter to the tank that attaches to the side using suction cups. I also recommend 2 cannister filters. I run an eheim 2217 on my 40 breeder, and it is barely enough.
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