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What Does This Mean, snails?

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I have snails (mostly MTS) in my two tanks and have observed interesting behaviors. From time to time, sometimes after water changes, I see my snails out on the glass by masses. What does this mean when the snails are out of the substrate and on the glass? Does this have something to do with the water quality? Can this possibly mean lack of O2 in the water or any other water issues? Just wondering ...
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I had a problem in my CRS tank with the MTS would all head toward the surface, especially in the morning. They would even all line up at the top or a few inches from the top. My CRS would also hitch a ride on the snails and hang out at the surface. I realized I had a film on the surface of the water and the outflow of the cannister wasn't breaking it up. I moved the waterflow up and broke up the film. It worked, the snails and shrimp stopped heading toward the surface. I can only assume the film was blocking the gas exchange and the O2 was to low.
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