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What do you use for your return inside the tank?

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Currently I have 3/4 pvc from my sump to my tank which elbows into the tank with a threaded end then I have about a foot of 5/8" hose you use for a garden drip system with an end cap on the end and holes poked into the hose.

I don't think its the best method and I am looking for some other options so my flow rate will be increased but not so much that it blows all my substrate around or pulls my plants out!
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google/ebay loc-line kits. or trade that 5/8" hose for a pvc spray bar.
is this what you are using?

Just want to get an idea of what people are using in their large tanks.

Mines 125g
When my 75 had a sump, I had two returns near the top of the tank. It's drilled and I had 3/4" bulkheads with loc-line returns. They can be pointed any way and as long or short as you like. The flared nozzles on the ends allow for great flow direction.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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