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What do you think this is?

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Hi, I've just added some new blue dreams and i've notices some white white fuzz or growths on the heads on a few. I took a zoomed in (not great quality sorry) video of one and noticed it curling and behaving almost like a tongue.. Is this vorticella, Scutariella Japonica, completely normal or something else?
Any help would be appreciated!
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Too many things to list.
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not an expert, but it looks like Vorticella. Bad news…. if I were you, i would separate the shrimp asap and start googling to confirm and for solutions. NOT facebook, for sure…..

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You don't need to start googling anything. You're already on the largest planted tank repository in the world and there are tons of people here who'll help you figure out a treatment plan.

Can you get more photos to share, @Rachimus? That will help determine what it is. As it stands, I can't tell what it is and would not say definitively that it's Vorticella or Scutariella japonica.

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@somewhatshocked Oh man, I just noticed now that several of my original tank mates seem to have caught it as well 😔
I took another video just now, what do you think?

I've got a 25L tank with a mix of adult and young neocardinias, along with 4 nerites. 1 of my shrimp is berried and due to give birth any day now.
I'm still fairly new to shrimp keeping so i stupidly don't have a quarantine tank up and running.
What I do have is a spare plastic tub with a lid also around 25L, I have a pump running an air stone that i guess i could attach to a sponge filter if i can find one in store near here... no spare heater right now.
The only salt i have is shrimpbee gh+
As far as other things that I have on hand: easy-life: easystart, easy-life: voogle, easy-life: filter medium, tetra algumin, nitrateminus and plantamin. also some sea almond leaves.
Please any advice you can give I would really appreciate it!

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Bird Plant Beak Organism Parrot
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