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Its on ebay so no link, would be great to get some opinions on what people think of this, is it a good for a tank that is using high lights, injected co2 and not particularly hard to keep plants, could this really be used on its own ?

Its called Lush Max

This is the break down of the stuff:

Analysis % When mixed with 1 litre de-ionised water:
N 1.33%
P 0.12%
K 3.88%
Mg 0.39%
B 0.01%
Cu 0.002%
Fe 0.11%
Mn 0.02%
Mo 0.002%
Zn 0.01%

Recommended dosage for Hi-Tec tanks: 2.5ml daily per 100 litres.

Recommended dosage for Lo-Tec tanks: 2.5ml weekly per 100 litres.

Products are safe for use in aquariums with fish or shrimp

Any comments ?

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It appears to be enough for a one liter bottle.

I would buy the dry fertilizers and make my own. You could make hundreds of liters of the same thing out of one EI dry fertilizer package. Around $25 US.

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I like that James' has little heavier dose of N and P. It is lighter on the trace, less Mg - probably needs to be. It's just good to know. Additional trace or iron can alway be added separately if needed. GH too. Dosing recommendations are always tricky and depend on the situation but for a low and slow tech both could be great.
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