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I am new to Herps for the most part, but have a couple tanks I would like to setup for frogs such as dart frogs or red eyed green tree frogs.

First off; I would like your opinions on popular species that are fun and might breed for a beginner? (Main goal)

Secondly; How would you setup these tanks if they were yours and money was not as much an issue as just making everything cool and working as self-contained as possible? (of course I don't want to spend $1000.00 per tank or anything like that either)

Points to consider:

*I have a 46G bowfront & 60G Tall.
*both have glass tops with standard versa hood hinged front pieces and plastic rear strips(cutable)
*there's 2 x double strip lights holding 2x30W T5 bulbs each on top of the 60(lighting could be replaced), and one single strip holding 1x30W T5 on top of the 46. (I will need to know best bulb strategy if I use these light hoods)
*I want live not plastic plants. (how much for terrestrial plants and so on)
*Price of Herps is not as important as ease of breeding(main goal).
*Should I go with home created backgrounds using styro, or store bought for safety of Herps? or just plain rocks/wood/plants. (I have bags of smooth polished 1-4 inch safe river stones handy. Still need wood & plants yet)
*What is the best type of floor covering/wood for the type of setup you would create.
*Can there be rain or misty look in the tanks?
*Can the frog eggs - tadpoles be kept in the tank if a reservoir is created in the front areas of each tank.(how would you build the edges for climbing out onto the land mass when tadpoles are ready)
*If divided into sections(say 3 for the 46G and 3-4 for the 60) would this allow for enough room for each species to be kept.(I do have a couple sheets of plastic window covering 1/8 thick that can be cutup as needed)
*I would like to keep as many types or color morphs in these 2 tanks as possible.(space saving)

Let me know what other info you need to "prospect" one or both tanks, and thank you for your time.

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