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What do you think? Aqueon evolve 4

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Hi everyone.
Just want to know what you thing of my setup now that is finally done( took about 2 months). I had bought one of those aqueon evolve 4 from petco since it was on sale and I heard decent things( except for the light). I got it home and started thinking what if I got an under gravel filter and ran the flow thru it in reverse so it would push debris up thru the gravel and would get filtered out. With a little cutting and some 5/8 hose I got it like planned. Hooked that up to a canister filter full of used ceramic media. Put in pressurized co2. I also got my hand on two evolve 8 led lights( 2 is better than 1 right?). So now it's got a few tetras, a couple of shrimp and some plants in there dosing excel and flourish. It's been up for almost 2 months the gravel is super clean, params are perfect, plants are pearling and water changes are a breeze( I change two cups every 4 days and I use a measuring cup and skim off the top). Oh I forgot in the back filter chamber I got some sponge I've been rinsing every 2 weeks. So ya I was just wondering ppls thoughts pros or possible downfalls to the setup...
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It is believed that ugf, traditional or reverse flow, do not encourage good root growth for plants, because typical environments do not have such currents.

As with all such notions ymmv. If you're happy with the plant growth, go with it.

Personally, I don't like the blue look. I also wonder what the light will do for plant growth.
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