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what do you think about this?

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Just want to know how you guys think about this shot...taken with my sony nex-3, I NEED A MACRO!!!! Thanks.
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Is that image photoshopped at all? Or does your lens have a nice macro setting?
Wow, surprised you guys like it. photoshopped a good amount. I didnt adjust saturation at all , so however my camera rendered the shrimps colors, is what you're seeing. Its a very red shrimp. I also did vignette, and a little bit of extra background blur, which didnt really do anything lol. Oh, and some unsharp mask.
Its a good picture. The blur looked a little unnatural which is why I asked about photoshop. Still awesome though...
sexxxy :pLOVE LOVE

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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