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What do you make of my female German Blue Ram?

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Does my new female German Blue Ram look old? Unhealthy? Like a cross between a Bolivian and a German Blue? I should've asked the fish rep to catch another female who was smaller with a brighter pink spot.

When I first added this female, the male found her and they "danced" and flashed their fins and colors side-by-side (a shimmy dance?). Her colors were the brightest them. Their scales below their gills on both darkened; the female's scales have returned to a normal color and the male's are still darkened. She attacked him a little at first after she'd had enough mating-dance time. His right eye is a little cloudy from her nipping at him after she was through with the mating dance/greeting.

They seem happy together and are by one another the vast majority of the time. The male chases fish away occasionally. He has stopped harassing her and she seems very comfortable around him.

I took these pictures tonight. I bought them Friday night, two nights ago.

Here is a picture of her next to the male so the difference in color and size are apparent. She is about the same size as him.

I want to breed my male. Is the female unfit for breeding? Is she past her prime? I think her pink spot has gained some color in the two days she has lived in the tank.

I have another 10g planted tank to where they can breed. It has no other inhabitants and a sponge filter.

Your insight is appreciated!
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Is anyone having difficulty viewing the pictures?
make sure the water temperature is 82 - 85 F, and then give them a couple of weeks. feed them with plenty of good quality food. if the female still is dull, then there's two possibilities: 1) it's still a juvenile, needs more time to color up or 2) it has a disease.
She might just be stressed from the new environment as well. Fish tend to lose color when they're stressed. Maybe give her a few more days to settle in?
make sure the water temperature is 82 - 85 F, and then give them a couple of weeks. feed them with plenty of good quality food. if the female still is dull, then there's two possibilities: 1) it's still a juvenile, needs more time to color up or 2) it has a disease.
x2 Rams need warmer waters and IME are much more prone to disease/sickness with water under 82F. Also, like Mellyn said, she is probably still getting used to her new environment. Give her a few days and she should settle in. Good Luck! :icon_smil
She does look very light in color but i wouldn't worry about it. Like everyone else said she might just be getting used to her new environment. Just make sure when you feed her she is eating and that she doesn't have any signs of disease such as Ick (they are prone to Ick and if you don't catch it fast enough she could die). I would give her a week or two and hopefully you will see some eggs!

Thank you for your great advice! I posted a picture of the GBR's today. I busted out the REAL digital camera and put aside my Blackberry. Bb's camera doesn't compare to a real camera.

In person her black coloring is a little darker than it shows up in this picture. She looked her best and most vivacious when she first met the male and danced with him. She looked better than she did at the pet store before being caught and going in a take-home bag.

I don't think the temperature is that much of a problem. My tank is set at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, not 82-85, but very close. My female isn't showing any signs of illness or disease. Her color at the pet store wasn't the greatest either. Maybe she is young. Could she be as big as she is (as big as my male, almost 3 inches) and be a juvenile? I thought she might be an oldie who stayed in their tank for years, whoops! I hope I'm wrong. She seems happy and the two are still companions.
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ive got blue rams and bolivian butterflys i think your fish look more like the latter my blue rams are blue with red eyes and a yellow patch on the head... not sure if mine are male or female their only small [ about 1"]
i kept 2 gbr's
a male and a female
your female looks fine to me, give her time to adjust to her new home and her new tank mates. having plenty of hiding places and plenty of live plants makes these fish feel more at home.
at her size, if she is the size you say she is then i would'nt say she's a juvinile anymore.
that does'nt mean she's very old and likely to die anytime soon either.
when she gains her full colour back, giving these fish plenty of live food often helps them to get into the mood of breeding. (spawning)
these cichlids when they are companions, they are companions for life!
if one was to die...the other would get grouchy and very be aware of that too, just incase.

good luck with your rams and getting them to breed.
When i had my GBR's if found they responded alot to stress and would lose their color or start flashing. Has the male been bothering her much? She might not be settled in yet and isn't comfortable enough to let her colors show. They'll show up once she gets used to it.


BTW: Beautiful fish, I miss mine :(
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