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What do you do when the LFS has mislabled shrimp?

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a friend of mine told me the other day that a LFS had babualti shrimp mislabled in with amanos. so I went in a spent a little time looking and sure enough they did have mislabled shrimp. 10 for $12.50. so i bought 10, and i am hoping when i go back on wed they will still have more. after looking through photos i determined that they are babaulti malaya.

anyone else luck out like that?
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I've never encountered a shop in my area with properly labeled shrimp. And for the most part, fish are always mislabeled with odd trade names that don't line up with commonly accepted names.

For the most part, though, I find shrimp are beyond overpriced in shops. So if you can get a deal like that on anything that's not a Ghost Shrimp? Snatch it up!

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I had a LPS tell me a wild bee strain was a saltwater variety. I had them look it up online, showed them the saltwater shrimp, and they still didn't budge. So you just have to do your own research.

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most of the time it's mislabeled is because when they order certain sp.s that is what comes in as those and they are still making money either way..

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question would that interbreed with neos?

I have a 'green' shrimp in my tank that is suposed to be a yellow neo (ordered 10, six came dead, 3 more died in 24 hours) the one looks exactly like the green babualti and she does get eggs but has never berried and doesn't hang with the other neos. (she looks lonely) i just assumed she was a yellow that turned green ...
my LFS only makes mistakes the OTHER way, they try to pass cherries off as orange, and half dead as healthy. If I didn't think they'd kill them i'd sell them some of my cherry/fires. (Though people here seem to like his fish, why i don't know the place is dirty and dead fish are on the floor under the tanks)
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