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what do u feed your shrimps??

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i'm currently feeding only hikari algae pellet. couldnt find other food for them. i've seen people feeding them fruits and vegetables.. how about you??

and i'm going for a 4 days trip tis thursday and was wondering is it enough if i put a quarter of tomato for them? do i have to boil it before giving them?? there are around 30++ shrimps in my planted tank.
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Omega Veggie rounds
NewLifeSpectrum H20 wafers
NewLifeSpectrum H20 flakes
Welcome to the forum! :)

Here is my list:
Hikari sinking carnivore pellets
Blanched zuchini (I leave in there until it's all gone, which last about a 2 days)
Rain's shrimp biscuits
Omega One Fish flakes
Frozen Bloodworms
Frozen Mysis shrimp
Frozen peas (skinned)
Omega One Shrimp pellets
Omega One Veggie discs
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Welcome to the forum! :)

thanx.. ;)
ohh.. mostly are dried food?? do u think it can last for 4 days if i put few pellets for them?
uh oh.. i dont think i have time to find zucchini.can i just use cucumber? maybe some boiled cucumber,tomato and carrot salad??? lol...
they will be fine for 4 days without any food
Ken's Fish Food algae wafers.
Omega One Shrimp Pellets
And whatever kind of flake food I have sitting around.
What would you guys say if I never feed my shrimp.

I have a 10g filed with java moss.
I have 6.5wpg on it with no co2 or ferts. I pretty much grow algae. Is that ok for the shrimp? Do I really need to feed them?
Algae...basically never feed, they're breeding well. I should add that its a 135 gallon tank...they've a lot of room to scavenge...
They will scavenge through the moss for food.
just watch out for some cheap fish. They contain heavy metals in them.

If they're in a small tank you definitely need to feed them.
One thing I like to add is if I see any dead RCS, I usually leave the body in there. The living RCS do a real good job devouring their dead.
i feed mine,
wardly shrimp pellets (like)
aquarian algea wafers (not so much)
tetra color flakes (like)
blanched carrots (dont like at all)
blanched zucchini (loved)
squished tank snails (loved)
I feed my RCS and CRS (in no particular order)

Hikari Algae Wafers
Hikari Crab Cuisine
Omega One Shrimp Pellets
Omega One Veggie Rounds
Spirulina Flakes
Tetra Color Flakes
Rain's Shrimp Biscuits
Frozen Cyclopseeze
Frozen Bloodworms
Boiled Spinach
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Goldfish and tropical flakes, broccoli, spinach, peas, cabbage, beans, nettles, dandelions, oats, rice, potatoes, blueberries, pasta. Algae wafers. Seeds like sunflower, pumpkin etc, other frozen fish foods, mussels, just about anything they like eating, with lots of variety.
They will be fine for four days with no food regardless of the tank size, provided the tank is established.
^Hey, where are you going in Cleveland? I last moved from N.O. Miss it greatly.

I feed my shrimp zucchini, carrots, green beans (fave!) blood worms, mysis shrimp, spirulina flakes, hermit crab cakes, carnivore tabs....basically anything the my other fish get. They're little piglets who would probably eat a pizza if I tossed it in there.
^Hey, where are you going in Cleveland? I last moved from N.O. Miss it greatly.
Moving up there the weekend of August 12th to North Ridgeville, near the city lines of Avon and Westlake... I like RMS :)

As far as shrimp food goes, I feed:

Tetra MicroCrabs - I have never seen RCS/ghosts/Amanos go so crazy for any other food
Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef flakes - a favorite of my CRS
Hikari Algae Wafers - all of my shrimp love these
Hikari Crab Cuisine - all of my shrimp love these
Hikari MicroPellets - all, but a ghost shrimp favorite
Freeze-dried or Frozen bloodworms - my ghosts and CRS love them
OSI Spirulina Pellets - my tiger shrimp and amano shrimp love them
Hikari MicroWafers - all of my shrimp love these
Hikari Sinking Wafers - all of my shrimp love these, but ghosts and Amanos mainly
Boiled Spinach/Cucumber/Zucchini - all of my shrimp love them

Also, I recently started using Indian Almond leaves (ketapang) in my shrimp tanks.
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i dont feed mine anything except 1 pellet of hikari crap cuisine when i do a water change or if i want to observe them they love the stuff one pellet is normaly all gone within 20mins
i dont feed mine anything except hikari crap cuisine
LOL! I'm sure Hikari will appreciate the plug...sounds yummy! :hihi:
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