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what do i need?

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so my plants are looking sad in my 55 gallon tank with 64 watts of T8 and daily macro micro ferts plus miracle grow organic potting mix under some plants.


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CO2? which ferts do you dose, macro/micro solutions or? if they're solutions, what do they contain? i think the holes in that one plant might be a K (potassium) deficiency, i think that's what pinholes are usually related to...
i use dry macro micro mix from
up your macro a little. The plants are showing sign of N or K deficiency.
ok thats what i did today. it said to start with 1 teaspoon per 70 gallons(or 1 drop per 55 gallon, i just do a teaspoon) and i went from 2 teaspoons to 3. and it says that you can go up to 4x so im there now. hope this helps the plants.
give it a week or two to see noticeable difference. If things gets worse within a week, then you may have to go back to the drawing board.
Yea, pin holes are a potassium deffieceny and I would implement the use of CO2
i cant do co2 not in the budget. maybe liquid eventually.
do i need more light? according to the chart im low light. i have
dwarf sagitaria
purple cabomba (got it today)
ludwigia repens
No, I do not think you need more light. In fact, I am leaning towards too much light. If you do not have Co2, raise the light a little instead of dosing more ferts. The last thing you want is for algae to take over your tank.
its a t8. theres no way i have too much light. especially with floating plants.
see the BBA in the last pic? That is a sign of too much light if you don't have co2.
the bba has been doing worse now. the plants have been outcompeting it.
if that's the case, then you can try ferts, but keep a close eye on changes in your tank/plants.
ok. should i start dosing co2 booster? i probably cant get it right now. i got to get a new tank an some fish that need friends.
You dont need money to do CO2, just do the DIY setup and that should be fine.
Or just decrease the light intensity. Raise it and/or shorter period.
I'd be worried about DIY CO2. The tank already has BBA and one of the causes of BBA is fluctuating CO2. I don't think DIY CO2 can be stabilized very easily.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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