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what do fish see?

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this is newbie question, but what do fish see? do they see everything human see or the way we see things. for example we see colors and i have heard fish only see black and white, correct me if i heard wrong. most of us like green color around us, most of us like ocean, tree, plants, nature etc, do fish have the same desires, how can they enjoy all this in their environment if they see everything white and black, doesn't that mean they don't see any color to enjoy all this.

does fish in planted tank is more happier compare to one without live plants?
i know the answer is yes, but again what makes them more happier when they don't see any color, again correct me if am mistaking.
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It depends on the species of fish. I would assume some fish can see color. It wouldn't make sense to have colorful males otherwise. They might see more in the ultraviolet wave length since those colors are more easily seen in murky water.

Plants provide cover and food (the plant itself or stuff that grows on it) so in that respect, they'd be happy with plants.
There was a good article in one of the fish magazines a few months ago on what fish see. There are certain color spectrum lights that can put fish in a defensive mood, because the light, lights up colors and patterns that would normally be displayed when the fish show aggression. It seems that fish can see color, might not be as complex as how we see things, but they can.
thanks for info, i wonder how ultraviolet wave length looks like?

is it when homer Simpson was on weed? lol, he see colors moving lol.
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