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What deficiencies are these

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Please help me find out what are these deficiencies.
Tank-10 g
Light 18w T8 at 15 inch from substrate
Ferts: 1 ppm P and 10 ppm K - low light weekly method (no Excel nor Co2)
Not dosing N because my tap water is at 20 ppm N(water company says so) .....just measured in tank - around 15 ppm(Tetra Drop N test)
As micros I dose V30 from Dennerle:

1% K2O water-soluble potassium oxide.
0.3018% MgO magnesium oxide;
0.021% B boron;
0.006% Cu copper;
0.306% Fe iron;
0.122% Mn manganese;
0.012% Mo molybdenum;
0.006% Zn zinc;
0.002% Co cobalt;
0.002% Ni nickel;
0.003% Li lithium;
0.002% Al aluminium;
0.0015% Va vanadium
I admit I have been neglecting micros last couple of weeks ,so I think some trace deficiency is likely (not sure which element ).
Water is hard ,GH- 15 ,KH -10.


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