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What could cause this?

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If you can't see, part of the leaf looks like it was eaten away except for the veins. This plant is water wisteria and I have cut a few leaves off in the past few days that have looked like this. Parasites? Deficiencies? I do have high nitrates, if that's any help.
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The plant is simply melting off old parts of itself so that it can then grow new parts. That leaf btw is an emersed leaf, meaning you bought wisteria that was grown above or out of water. The plant will take some time before it starts looking good again because it has to convert to submerged life now. Which is okay, it just takes a little time. Look up wisteria and you'll see that underwater it has these very delicate fine looking leafs, your plant will begin to grow that once it has adapted to its new surroundings.
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