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What causes this?

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What causes this to happen?
Too little light?
Too much light?
Normal, and it happens all the time, or something I am doing wrong?
They looked so good when I bought them, then went this way with brown colored roots coming out of the leaves. Don't looks so good now, but plants grown, and not dying.

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lol.. those are new plantlets forming. This means the plant is healthy!
Ok. Glad to hear. Just looks bad.
Can the plant be burried just like a stem plant or does it need to be above surface. why I ask is when I purchased it it was tied to a bamboo ring and laying on the surface the way it grew, but I wold like to space it out more.
Nice Plants! You will have many baby plants soon.:thumbsup:
They are Java Ferns don't bury them but tie them to an object. They will eventually attach themselves to it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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