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What can I grow in my 3 gallon nano with 13 watts of light?

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I just got an Eclipse 3 gallon tank. I did away with the top (integrated filter and light) and got a Red Sea nano filter and a 13 watt compact flourescent clip on light (also by Red Sea). I currently have hornwort, peacock moss, java fern, anacharis, riccia, lilaeopsis mauritius and HC. The HC was dying in my 55 so I figured I'd throw it in the 3 gallon for fun.

Currently I have cherry shrimp in there. Will the HC be ok? I have no CO2 right now. I can dose w/Excel if recommended. What other plants would be happy in there? This isn't the final configuration, I will take the anacharis out eventually and I may keep the hornwort to ward of algae/absorb nutrients.


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Just curious where you got the Lilaeopsis mauritius..
Howdy, I got 2 pots from my LFS, couldn't believe my eyes they actually carried it!
Darn. You're no help. LOL
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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