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Is that a dark grey, not quite black fur?
This is black brush algae. It is actually a type of red algae. When it is dead it will turn red or pinkish.
It can be killed with hydrogen peroxide.
Figure out the dose for your tank (do some research) and put that much in an eye dropper or syringe barrel.
Turn off equipment and squirt the hydrogen peroxide into the algae, a little here, a little there.
Let it sit about 15 minutes, then turn on the equipment.
You may have to treat more than once, especially if there is a lot of algae and you did not treat it all the first time.
Do a water change before adding more hydrogen peroxide to the tank.

Another way to treat, if the algae is on something that could be removed from the tank, is to dip it in hydrogen peroxide (the 3% form available in USA. If yours is stronger, then dilute it).

Similar: If the algae is up high in the tank, then drain the tank until the algae is exposed. Caution: do not add too much hydrogen peroxide to the tank!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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