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:icon_confI going to move my guppys to the 10 gallon,
I have
5:guppys and 4 new babies
1: very small Albino Shark
2: Ottos-they are 2inch max sucker fish
1:drawf frog(only 2inch max)

Can I add 6 Danios to the 10 gallon?
If not can I put them in the empty 5gallon?

I need to keep fish in the 5gallon beacuse its my quartien tank since I got a 10gallon now.

So what could I keep in the 5 gallon if not Danios? Would Dwarf corrys be good?

fyi-the albino shark will have a 55gallon in 6months but they do grow slowly-my bf had the same only not albion, just the plain(rainbow shark) in his 10 gallon with 1 corry for 1and half years and he is fine. 5months ago his shark was moved in a 20long(30inchs) and is so healthy and 4inchs long.

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Have you considered getting rid of the 5 gallon and getting a 20L for a few bucks at the pet store? Would give you a bit more room to work with. Last set of 20L's I got were right around 15 dollars each with coupons. (Petco usually has 20% off and 5 off 25 coupons you can print online and take to the store, and petsmart will match them.)

I only mention this because I have a very similar problem to you. I've got fish that are quite small right now, but I didn't take into account their growth potential.

There is an excellent website for figuring out your filtration and stocking options (for a general guide) to help plan which fish should be in which tank. (Keep in mind it's only a guide, not the end all).

For example I was figuring about 5 gallons per fancy goldfish, so I got a 46 gallon and 5 goldfish. Then I learned that tank ratings aren't true, so the 46 is more like a 42. Then you put in the plants and the driftwood, and the it's more like 35 gallons. Then I finally came across the info that my fish need about 20-30 gallons PER fish! So now my long term goal is going all the way to a 125 gallon tank! Crazy!

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if you want to stick with the 5 gallons I kept 2 african dwarf frogs in one for about 6 months (before I upgraded to my 10 gallon) and they were both perfectly fine :) You could definitely leave your one frog in there and even get a second if you wanted to.

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Crossbow- Ya I was going to get one for only 35 with lid and light from Craig's list but my bf was like we have 5 tanks already so he said just wait till we move then we will get the 55 or 75. I

Ive deiced the 10 is OK, maybe add one more frog like Mari suggested.

I still need to keep something in the 5 for natural bacteria and the waste from the fish to help the Plants grow in there. What I look up said that Danios would be too much in a 5 but then again fish breeders do it.

The Dwarf corrys only get 1 inches and would be Perfect in a 5gallon. so I may get those. Also could a Blue Lobster be good in the 5gallon just with the corrys?

I don't know much about the blue lobsters. If they are harmful to other fish that I will quarantine in there. Anyone?

If none of these fish are suitable for the 5gallon alone, I will just put a Betta in there.

I do understand that my 10gallon is probably 7gallons now but I have 1inch of sand and very little decos. So I think that's my best tank.

My 29 is probably only 26 but when I suck out most of the sand to mix it with sand that's safe for soft belly's and plants I will probably only put 1 inch of sand in except for where I want my lily to grow. That way it will give it a gallon or two.

Thanks for the ideas. My 2.5 has a lot of rocks in it so I will take those out and add a little bit of sand in there as well so when I get a Betta for it it will be more gallons.

That is crazy how much all that stuff takes away from the gallons. As addicted as I'am I wont get anymore new fish unless to build a school. I will just stick with what I got.

5pristle tail tetra
4 kuhli loaches
1 male betta
1 rapheal fish
1 bumble bee fish
2 plattys(may move to 10 gallon)
1 roseline barb
1mini crab

4baby guppys
1albino rainbow shark


my bfs 20long(30inch):
1rainbow shark
4tiger barbs
1female betta
1mini crab

So I think they are all stocked ok don't know if I should add another frog and otto in the 10. I know both like to be in schools

As for my 29 its a bit over stocked but I wounder about the roseline barb, he likes to be in a school but I can get him friends when we get the 55

Also any suggestions on what fish I should move to the 55 not including my bfs tank except the Pleco. I know that guy will get big so I wont be getting a Pleco till my bf one dies happily in my 55.

Should I move the plattys to the 10gallon? I know they would take care of guppy over population but is a 10gallon too small if they are sharing with the guppys?
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