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What bugs are you breeding in Chicago tap water?

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Like the title says, what are you keeping/breeding in Chicago tap water without problems?

I've got:

Blue pearls.

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I've got red cherries and about 10 ottos in my 10 gallon planted with eco complete substrate using chicago tap with seachem prime. Ph always is between 7.4 and 7.6 using api liquid test.

The red cherries has multiplied from from 15 to more than a hundred since march, the color variation goes from red to mottled brown and some are orange-ish. I saw a couple of otto babies a month ago but havent seen it since.

I've tried breeding guppies but I couldnt even keep them alive despite maintaining water parameter at 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite, 10ppm nitrate (weekly api liquid test). After 4 dead guppies I decided to stop killing guppies.

I've also tried keeping two dwarf puffer, the first one was thriving, eating baby pond snail and live blackworm for 1.5 months, then i got another one, and the both died in less than a week, Im guessing i've got a diseased puffer.

I just set up another 10 gallon next to a south facing window for growing out plants and I've put in a dwarf gourami and 2 blue gouramis, they were fighting on the first day but after separating them for about 2 days they are now quite peaceful. I know 10 gallon is too small for 3 gouramis, Im gonna give the two blue gouramis to an lfs when I can find a female dwarf gourami. Its been two weeks and the 3 gouramis are doing fine, and I saw bubble nest after the first week, and now the dwarf gourami is squirting water whenever i bring out the live blackworm .

I also want to try keeping and or breeding trichopsis pumila (sparkling/pygmy gourami) if I can find them.
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Had Cherrys.

Have CRS on the way.

Tap water here, rain water top-off. That is if it ever rains again.
Really curious about your luck with CRS in our tap water.

Guys at golden have some in a display tank. No babies yet, but two are berried ATM.

Rain was cut from the current federal budget. Sorry :(

Had Cherrys.

Have CRS on the way.

Tap water here, rain water top-off. That is if it ever rains again.
They will all be Pee-Wees so maybe they will adapt?

You know me, all about breaking the rules and laughing in the face of convention.
in my 5.5gallon, I have 1 crown tail betta, 6 neon tetras, 1 Cory that in moved from my other tank because it was getting nipped at and about 5 ghost shrimp.

In my 29 gallon I have 7 zebra Danios, 6 small African cichlids, about 4 ghost shrimp, and 2 Chinese algee eaters.

Everyone good. Everyone happy. Weekly water test with A+ scores.

I only use prime. both tanks are planted.

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I have had luck with RCS in my 10 gallon for almost a year now. My 20H has Cherry Barbs that have made a habit of laying eggs. Some hatch, but I don't run a sponge filter thus I will see fry for maybe a day or two. All tap water using Prime. I do let the water sit for 24 hours in a Home Depot bucket that I only use for top offs.

I should add, we have had good luck with breeding CPDs in local water. Had about 40 fry hatch. A hydra bloom claimed many, but we had 9 make it to maturity.
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