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What are your other hobbies?

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I'm interested what other hobbies my fellow crazy planted tankers enjoy, so figured I'd start with my other money sucking addiction - racing RC cars/trucks. I truly have a problem with this one, I currently own 14 cars. :eek5: :help: 9 are used only for racing, 4 are vintage from my childhood that I've had for over 22 years, and one is a serious rock crawler with 4 wheel steering. I also have 2 helicopters, a plane, and a fan boat. I could fill my basement with tanks for the cost of these things, but god is it fun! Some pics of a couple of my cars in action!

Here are the tracks I frequent the most:

So, what else are you TPT folks into?
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Recently I decided that I was going to finally learn to kiteboard this summer.

Then I found out about speed flying with skis.

Basically, my next hobby will be using kites and parachutes and stuff to take my normal sports like skiing and watersports to another level... Oh and break my bank.

I'm also just beginning to get into watches. The nice kinds...

Within the year I plan to buy a Cannon 5D and finally start doing some nicer photography and maybe video stuff (indie videos/movies etc) with some friends.

Oh and I love to travel...

I need to take up cheap hobbies... like walking, or naping or dancing or something. Actually I'm working on picking up a dance minor it is fun stuff.

Did I mention I'm supposed to just be a Uni. student? meh... Life is short.

On a bit of an unrelated note, planted aquarium and the design aspect has heavily influenced my life over the years, and refined my tastes in design significantly. Something I never expected for sure that changes how I look at the world and everything in it. It is pretty amazing what hobbies can do to oneself besides break banks.

PS. Are those the nitro RC cars?

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I used to play around with RC's. I had a Monster GT that was pretty sweet. I started getting into rock crawlers too but didn't go far with them.

My hobbies other than aquariums are mountain biking, hiking/backpacking, photography, gardening, fire fighting, SCUBA diving, Geocaching, and sleeping.
My hobbies other than aquariums are...and sleeping.
I need to pick up that hobby.

Any good forums with information for it?

On a side note, another one of my hobbies I didn't list is personal metrics tracking, basically recording stuff like activity, diet, sleep etc. It is really interesting what is available to do this these days.

I am into most the hobbies listed. My main passion is aquariums but I have dabbled in:

Airplanes (like real airplanes that you pilot...not R/C)
R/C airplanes and cars
Scuba diving
Napping (took a 3 hour nap today)
Photography (But I have a crappy camera)
Growing veggies, and house plants
Trying to convince my mother to let me have a snake (the hardest of them all)

90% of my time is dedicated to aquariums though
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I need to pick up that hobby.

Any good forums with information for it?
Nah, I just kinda wing it most of the time. I'm more of a freestyle sleeper and just go by my own rules.
Forgot to add. I like to plank and go coning.

Here I am in wal-mart, planking.

Anybody else do some awesome planking?
Roflmao!!!! Coning is pretty funny stuff too but probably not something I'd do.
I play a good amount of rec and competitive disc golf as well as a lot of reading. Just hopped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon.
PS. Are those the nitro RC cars?


No, i only run electric. Less maintenance, quiet, cheaper to run because nitro fuel is up around $30 per gallon. Nitro is already on it's way out. Tougher laws regarding emissions and noise are slowly killing it. Same thing with motocross and your weed whacker, in the next decade or so expect changes with 2 stroke engines.

Speed kite ski flying looks awesome!

Nah, I just kinda wing it most of the time. I'm more of a freestyle sleeper and just go by my own rules.
I'm a bit of a freestyle sleeper myself!

Forgot to add. I like to plank and go coning.

Here I am in wal-mart, planking.

Anybody else do some awesome planking?
Lol to this too, i had to Google coning.
The "DOG" part of DogFish

Ch. Tasso's 'Cool Hand Luke' CA Training for his lure course title

V1 - Ch. D. Elsa von Kaiser-Wappen CGC/TDI on the send out

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Painting Water Colors and doing occasional art shows

Hunting fossils on the cliffs of calvert... big sharks teeth, whale bones and crocadile teeth to name a few.

Fishing.. to eat. Striped Bass, croakers, spot, drum, seatrout

Growing few orchids
I raise orchids, love perennial gardening as well... makes sense, what with the planted tank hobby. I also ride horses--am currently working with a beautiful appaloosa who came into the ranch where I ride as a rescue. If only my hobbies were cheaper.... Like origami. Or maybe lawn-mowing.
....If only my hobbies were cheaper.... Like origami. Or maybe lawn-mowing.
I'd be happy to help you explore the world of Lawn Mowing, please do feel free to stop by next spring. I have a new Electric mower I'm sure you really enjoy. :biggrin:
Oh, and DogFish, that's a wonderful looking Catahoula. I used to play with dogs too...

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Thanks "Travis" (Calahoula) is my 3rd.

I really like the leg work pic. Your dog looked to be in great shape in that pic.
It can be hard to get a good working action pic. I love the focus your dog has. Great drive coming into the bite.

My "Elsa" can really get a lot of air for a Rotty. I'm on the other end of the long line. :biggrin:
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Yeah, Bandit, he had the most incredible drive in a dog I've ever seen. His obedience was so tight, he was a machine. He was a jumper too, had no problem hopping a 4 foot fence.

I am sad to this day we had to find a new home for him. He bit my son in the face. It wasn't really anyone's fault but after that we figured better safe than sorry. My son who was 3 at the time ran at the dog who was laying down outside, tripped, and fell on to him. Bandit gave a snap and a tooth caught my son right next to his nose and he needed 3 stitches to close it.
I use to do a lot of software and hardware mods with Xboxs, lighting, leds, etc.

on and off with the planted tank of course. Otherwise i spend the rest of my time with Golf or finishing my MBA.
I'm pretty big into skiing, just bought some double tipped skis last year to learn how to do 360's and grind on rails. A Hill, I would love to try Speed Kiting someday, but do you need a license of some sort for that kind of stuff?
I used to do a lot of painting for mini figures and sell them on eBay (kinda of geeky but surprisingly made a lot of money for a 13 year old star wars fan at that time!:icon_lol:).
But now with school I pretty much stick to sports and aquariums. Anybody play Hacky Sack and soccer my goal is to learn how to do free style soccer? Or collect money? Been collecting money from around the world since I was around 6 or 7 years old, it starting to become an impressive list of countries I've collected from so far!
Of course I'm looking to go into hobbies like Mountain Biking (which seems to be too expensive at the moment:icon_sad:) and looking to venture into Scuba diving. I would love to dive in the famous underwater blue caves in to bahamas some day!
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