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What are these?

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What is these things creeping around my RCS tank walls?
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clear domed shell? limpets. they eat algae. they pose no harm
little tiny white dots, copepods, also harmless and your shrimp will eat them probably. limpets are cool, some people actually want to have them.
i like limpets just not had them since my oebt whipped out the few i had a couple years ago
Oh okay, I had killed a few out of fear of not knowing what they they multiply like snails? How do I keep their population in check, if so?
i think they predate snails. im sure they lay eggs and if you start seeing to many smash them
How would I eradicate them then, or is this possible?
suck them out with airline or squish them like snails.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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