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Okay so a little over 8yrs ago my stepdad scrapped his planted 180 for health reasons and I was no longer around to care for it. In short I snatched up all of the plants and tossed them in our pond(roughly 1/16 acre). Well about a year or so passed when we noticed plants blooming just above the surface. About six months later I noticed these growing like weeds. Keep in mind we had maybe one or two aquatic species in the pond. I had a lot more photos but due to a computer crash lost all of them along with pictures of the 180.

I could use help trying to identify them. Sorry in advance for the poor photo quality as I used my iPhone with a screen that's cracked into a million pieces. They only grow near the waters edge or completely submerged. They're not found more than a foot from the waters edge and no where else on the property.

The only plant types I remember being in the 180 included various swords micro swords dwarf hair grass rubens anubias and a couple species of crypts.

We have since gone through droughts very drastic weather changes from hot to cold. The long stalked plant in photos 1&3 grows like a weed covering almost all parts of the banks and disappears under the surface in warmer rainy weather. It has survived all of the extreme elements. I noticed at one point in time there was a bananna plant growing in about 6-12 inches of shaded crystal clear water. I'll continue monitoring and taking as many photos as I discover new things. Seems as if my pond has become a plant farm lol.

Due to the drought over the past two years my pond is about 2-3 feet low. I live in south east Texas about an hour north of houston. If that helps anyone Identify these.


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