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What are some of the fastest breeding shrimp?

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I recently set up a lot more tanks and I want to start breeding more shrimp. Here is what I already have as far as the fast breeders:

Fire Red Cherry
Fire Yellow
Super Tiger
CRS/CBS A-S Grade (not super fast, but faster than RBT!)

Any other ideas for rapid breeders?
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In my experience, and of the Neocaridina sp. and varieties.
Happy shrimp are the fastest breeding shrimp XD
Malawa will outbreed anything. LOL
I knew about Malawa, looking to get some of those soon. I know neos are typically fast breeders, I am more interested in learning about uncommon shrimp that breed fast, such as Malawa, Malaya, etc.
Malaya are a bit harder since they have a larval stage. Don't know how fast they breed though.
neo's are the fastes. caridina take a while to grow to breeding age and tiger seem to take longest. some take about 9 months to reach breeding ages. crs tend to take 3-4 months or the types i have had seem to take about that long. grade on them really does not matter with crs they all start breeding about the same age. im not sure with tb though dont have my hands on those yet
Tangerine tigers might interest you.
Definately Neos and regular tigers

But recently found out Tibees breed fast enough tho...
Interesting! How fast tangerine breed if compage regular tigers?

Tangerine tigers might interest you.
Malawa will outbreed anything. LOL

Plus one on this. Malawa breed like crazy and are super hardy.

I already have tangerine tigers, and they do breed fairly fast. Maybe a slight bit faster than CRS/CBS. The slowest breeders I have are Royal Blue Tigers.

Any other non-mainstream/oddball shrimp that might breed pretty quickly? I've been keeping shrimp for years and have a lot of experience with the well-known varieties (And own almost all of them), but I had never heard of Malaya shrimp until 2 days ago. That's the kind of varieties I'm looking for.

Long nose
Blue Bees
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