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what are my plants?

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i recently redid my 10 gallon due to an algae bloom and i cut down the fish population to help prevent this from happening and to make my fish a little less skittish
unfortunatly i dont know what the plants are, so i was hoping for a little help identifying them this time, excuse the water tinge, a lil brown from the wood and cloudy from some replanting today.

also im hoping to fix up the right side of the tank, any suggestions?

oh and how many more cardinals would you recommend i get? i have 3 peppered cories, 4 cardinals and 3 fancy guppies in the tank as it is. surface area is 200 sq inches

thanks in advance to those who help
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woops sorry, didn't realise no plant id posts allowed here, wont let me delete and repost in the other one though :/
No problem, I moved your thread to the general discussion area.

To be honest, your tank does not look like a newbie tank at all. Are you sure you are just starting out? :)

Regarding the plants, hard to say from the small picture, but you seem to have some Java Ferns on the wood, a patch of Riccia as a center ground cover, to the right some Dwarf Sags and Samolus (?) could be something else though, in the corner some Alternanthera reineckii. Is that a lil Tiger Lotus behind it? Hard to make out. On the left you have some good looking Limnophila aromatica I think, maybe some pearlweed in the corner, and in the back Wisteria?

I am just guessing...

With regards to stocking, I would leave it as is... I tend to understock my tanks a bit.
wow...first timer??? huh...I am doing something wrong.

I see some Limnophila Aromatica on the left there...some marble swords as well (just to fill in where wasserpest left off....)
thanks for the input so far, here is the full sized pic, sorry if it stretches the window so much

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The swords: I can't see a 'Marble Queen' in there. On the right, front: Echindorus parviflorus 'Tropica'.

Isn't that Blyxa japonica to the left from it? Then Riccia carpet and a crypt (?) behind it, Eleocharis acicularis to the left from there.

On the back, there seems to be some Bacopa. On the wood, 2 kinds of Java moss, regular & 'Windelov'.
Nice tank you have there........looks great.
I keep my tanks down to a low roar.
My wife complains she can't see the fish........figure that one.
front right corner looks more like Ammania gracilis to me.....
Once again thanks for the input, and yes i am a beginner at this, this is my second incarnation of my first tank (second tank was purchased not long ago for storing my extra fish that i previously overstocked with :p i started fresh water aquascaping when i bought the first tank in july, and my girlfriend thinks im way too obsessed with planting my aquarium. Guess i finally found a good hobby for me :p
Anywho, heres where we are now, i got a cleaerer pic, and numbered the plants. ? are the ones im not sure of, and number 3 i have no idea. and the lotus didn't make it, when i planted, it was out too long and dried up, couldn't recover it :/

so its:

1. Hygrophila difformis (water wisteria)
2. Bacopa
3. ????
4. Alternanthera reineckii
5. java fern (scientific name?)
6. Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'
7. Limnophila Aromatica
8. Tonina fluviatilis
9. Eleocharis acicularis
10. Dwarf Sags? Blyxa japonica?
11. Crypt ?
12. Riccia fluitans
13. Echindorus parviflorus 'Tropica'

a zoom in of the sword here:
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Looks like #10 might be blyxa japonica. Not 100% sure, but it would be easier to tell once it grows out some.
#11 doesn't look like any crypt I've ever seen. It appears to be some sort of sword.
Not sure about #3.
2. Bacopa australis (maybe caroliniana)

4. Rotala rotundifolia

5. java fern (Microsorum pteropus)

11. Anubias minima
I think I'm seeing a central vein in #3? In that case it could be a Cyperus helferi.

Did you leave the rootstock/ rhizome (a brown woody lump) of the waterlily in there? If so, it could spring back! Looked a bit like a Nymphaea micrantha to me.

#11 I think I'm seeing pinnate (feather-like, branching from the central one) veins. That's why it wouldn't really be a sword. To me it looks too thin and soft to be an Anubias & that's why I ended up with a Cryptocoryne species. :)
I though crypt or sword too, but on that blown up pic, the veins don't look like either to me. So I checked some Apons that don't match, then remembered a very similar Anubius when in it's totally submersed form. This is the closest pic of Anubius minima I could find online with a good shot of the stems and rhizome, too bad we can't see the stems in the OP's pic. Keep in mind this Anubias can look like ten different plants depending on where and how it's living.

Crypt is still a possibility though, maybe C.walkeri or something. I think we need to see the stems to be sure. I certainly don't think it's any kind of Echinodorus.

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later tonight i will take zoom in pics of all the plants in question, like right in there, unlike the last one
plant 3 in the background:

plant 10

plant 11
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Outcast, it would help us if you could tell whether the Anubias/Crypt plant has a horizontal rhizome (woody, greenish 'stem') from which the leaves and the roots spread, like in this drawing of an Anubias. Its thickness would be roughly like your little finger's. If your plant is an Anubias, the rhizome shouldn't be in the substrate but you should tie the plant to a rock or piece of wood.

In case it has a much smaller brownish rhizome (or none visible at all at the moment/ the moment you planted it), it's likely a Crypt.
the plant has grown out a lot since the last pics, here's a pic!
excuse the snail and algae issues :p
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Oh, alright! Giant Hygrophila - Hygrophila corymbosa. :)
thank you, thats one off the list then

heres the list revised then

1. Hygrophila difformis (water wisteria)
2. Bacopa
3. ???? - still unknown...
4. Alternanthera reineckii
5. -kicked the bucket and removed-
6. Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'
7. Limnophila Aromatica
8. -removed, didn't take-
9. Eleocharis acicularis
10. -Removed, preferred more of 9-
11. Giant Hygrophila - Hygrophila corymbosa
12. Riccia fluitans -almost gone, little bit left-
13. Echindorus parviflorus 'Tropica'

heres a zoom in on #3, once again, pardon the algae...
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