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Hi everyone, My tank is relatively new (around 4 months) and I've started to see several worms near the substrate on the glass. One looks similar to planaria since it has a triangular-shaped head however it is transparent with black stripes. Also this other worm is long with a transparent body and looks as if it has pincers or something 😬 and something looked to be eating it (looks like some leach or glass worm). Also there's these tiny bugs everywhere and a tiny worm on the glass (see last photo). My shrimp or baby shrimp don't seem to mind all of this and I haven't found any dead ones yet but I'm still worried. please help what are all these worms and what should I do??

Plant Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant Grass Water

The planarian looking worm next to another type of planaria and tiny beetles everywhere
Window Branch Plant Water Wood

Sorry bout the photo, the worm is the height of the substrate (around 3-4cm)

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Other small worm


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