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What am I doing WRONG!!???

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I recently set up this 75G and am having some algae issues and even plant issues. I'm somewhat new to the hobby so i'm super frustrated. I had green algae that went away after i raised the light fixture for a couple of days and added a hugry pleco. Now i have this brownish stuff growing on the glass especially near the substrate and on my cichlid stones. How do i get rid of this. I dose leaf zone once a week per bottle instructions and i dose Liquid co2 daily. I'm not sure if i'm using too much or too little light? At the moment i'm running two 39w geismann while i wait for two more in the mail. I bought the light off craigslist and it came with blue bulbs for corals. I run the two lighter ones once in a while. I posted a pic of the height between the tank and fixture, is it too low? I have the light on a timer from 11:00am to 10:30pm. too much? Is ten the limit? Any pointers would be awesome! Oh, and what the hell is wrong with my wisteria?

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